May 13

Wireshark Desktop and Toolbar Icons and Badges

I always enjoy working with Gerald Combs on anything Wireshark. I recently produced a set of desktop icons for the application. Primary, installation, active capturing state, Capture Media toolbar icons and several logo badges.

Wireshark icons and badges

May 13

Vintage Multimedia

Imagiworks developed innovative educational products for math and science education and ran on Palm and Handspring handheld devices. I developed this series of presentations which could be viewed either online or from a CD-ROM. Engaging and interactive, these Flash authored presentations guide visitors through the setup and use of ImagiProbe – a scientific investigation tool and ImagiMath – the math discovery environment. These were built in 1998 and 89.

ImagiProbe Demo

ImagiProbe Demo »

ImagiMath Demo

ImagiMath Demo »

Sep 12

Redwood Treehouse

This children’s playhouse took about 3 months to design and build. Is is composed of 95% redwood with touches of oak, walnut, marine stainless hardware and removable acrylic windows. All the doors and windows are held in place with embedded rare earth magnets to make them easy to open without any exposed hardware. The interior has 2 levels plus a small movable bench up in the eaves so kids can peer out the skylight. Features include a secret compartment in the floor, a cargo hoist on the front and battery powered LED lighting.

It’s been featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article on Bay Area tree houses.

Redwood Treehouse

Aug 12

Network Detectives Logo and Templates

Network Detectives is a small firm dedicated to pinpointing enterprise communication networking problems. Founder Betty Dubois is a internationally recognized Wireshark user and training expert.

For this project I prepared a base logo in 3 different color schemes and a set of Keynote templates in the darker theme, shown here.


Jul 12

Fresh Design for Healthcare Liaison

Healthcare Liaison has been a client of mine for over 7 years. The business has grown steadily and it was time for a fresh website.

Healthcare Liaison web site

Healthcare Liaison web site