Sep 12

Redwood Treehouse

This children’s playhouse took about 3 months to design and build. Is is composed of 95% redwood with touches of oak, walnut, marine stainless hardware and removable acrylic windows. All the doors and windows are held in place with embedded rare earth magnets to make them easy to open without any exposed hardware. The interior has 2 levels plus a small movable bench up in the eaves so kids can peer out the skylight. Features include a secret compartment in the floor, a cargo hoist on the front and battery powered LED lighting.

It’s been featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article on Bay Area tree houses.

Redwood Treehouse

Dec 10

Phoebe’s Bed

milled the headboard and footboard from a single  slab of cherry I purchased and MacBeath Hardwoods in Berkeley. The design was inspired by Green and Green, specifically the cloud lift elements in their work which is mirrored in the top and bottom rails.

Progress of this project »

Phoebe's BedPhoebe dusting off her bed

Jun 10

Complete Headboard and Footboard

Finished headboard and footboard assemblies.

Apr 10

Head and Footboard

After a long period of inactivity (Very busy with work) I’m working on Phoebe’s bed again. The Headboard and footboard are almost finished.

headboard and footboard ready for final work

Footboard Assembly

Footboard flowerinlay on center slat.

Aug 09

Chiseling Joints

Making slow progress on Phoebe’s bed. All the basic pieces are sized and smoothed. I’m working on the primary mortise and tenon joints in the headboard and footboard.

Chiseling out mortises on Phoebe's bed

Chiseling out mortises on Phoebe's bed