Sep 12

Redwood Treehouse

This children’s playhouse took about 3 months to design and build. Is is composed of 95% redwood with touches of oak, walnut, marine stainless hardware and removable acrylic windows. All the doors and windows are held in place with embedded rare earth magnets to make them easy to open without any exposed hardware. The interior has 2 levels plus a small movable bench up in the eaves so kids can peer out the skylight. Features include a secret compartment in the floor, a cargo hoist on the front and battery powered LED lighting.

It’s been featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article on Bay Area tree houses.

Redwood Treehouse

Oct 11

Gertrude and Alice and Fritz and Tom

I developed an ecommerce mini-site for the children’s book “Gertrude and Alice and Fritz and Tom” written by Hans Gallas and illustrated by Tom Hachtman. You may buy the book and see the site at www.gertrudeandalice.com/fritzandtom/.

Frintz and Tom and GertrudeandAlice

Jan 10

The Talking Machine Novella

Produced a performance program as a novella for performer and teacher Erica Blue.

Talking Machine Novella

Talking Machine Novella

May 09

“This American Life” Fan Graffiti in West Oakland


Fan of This American Life in West Oakland

Fan of "This American Life" in West Oakland

Mar 09

Benjamin’s Bed

I built this bed in the Winter of 2005. It is constructed of solid maple with walnut pegs. Mortise and tenon construction reinforced with the walnut pegs. The mattress rests on a bed of sprung laminate slats.

Headboard and footboard

Bed frame

Bed and Benjamin

Jul 08

Coat Rack and Matching Side Table

Solid Oak pedestal coat rack and matching side table with walnut accent pegs and pewter hardware.

Coat RackCoar rack foot detailCoat rack hook detailSide table topSide table base

Feb 08

Covered Sandbox, Fence and Arbor

I built this covered sandbox, section of fence and vine arbor in the Winter and Spring of 2005.